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By facing and helping to solve the challenges our global society faces, we help to create opportunities for future proofing and growth.
Transforming the future through innovation
“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth – these are one and the same fight.”
Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

ChewingRice is leading organisations to create a better future for all through ethical transformation® and inclusive innovation

A bright future relies on profit, purpose and inclusion colliding to shift momentum and fuse their energies.This momentum and fusion leads to building capacity for change into the core of organisations, allowing them to stay relevant while retaining their purpose and enhancing their profitability. Through us, the ethical transformation® of organisations becomes definite, tangible, and measurable through everything from strategy consulting (business and marketing), to gender equality and environmental sustainability workshops, and product innovation.

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Ethical Transformation

Consumers have also become incredibly nimble at identifying companies that create what I call gloss ethics also know as green washing where organisations take a small inconsequential part of their business and do something ethical and then use that in their promotional and marketing material without truly reflecting on the end to end ethical state of their businesses. We live in a time where companies have had to go through major digital transformations in order to remain competitive and survive. We have had to look at team structures, create new roles, digitalise once manual and analogue processes, connect the dots between all the touch points of consumers, the physical world to the digital. We live in a world that is always connected, always on and we had to change because of it. Companies and governments are now facing a reckoning brought on by the transparency of the digital world and the reckless way we manage our planet’s resources and the inconscionable way we sometimes treat each other. We cannot exist in business today without also thinking about how we exist collectively in the world. I call this new way of thinking and this new challenge we are facing Ethical Transformation.

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