ChewingRice is leading organisations to create a better future for all through ethical transformation® and inclusive innovation

If we are to build a sustainable, equitable world,we have to think about how our product and service sits within this wider societal eco-system

A bright future relies on profit, purpose and inclusion colliding to shift momentum and fuse their energies.This momentum and fusion leads to building capacity for change into the core of organisations, allowing them to stay relevant while retaining their purpose and enhancing their profitability. Through us, the ethical transformation® of organisations becomes definite, tangible, and measurable through everything from strategy consulting (business and marketing), to gender equality and environmental sustainability workshops, and product innovation.

What is ethical transformation®?

Gloss ethics (as we call it) or greenwashing (as it is more commonly known as), whatever you want to call it when an organisation takes an inconsequential part of their business, does something ethical, and then uses that to promote and market their ethical credentials, it’s not right, it doesn’t create change, and consumers have become wise to it.

To truly transform into a company that understands and continually works to improve their end-to-end ethical state and is aware of how we collectively exist in the world in order to create a better future, you need to go through an ethical transformation®

To remain competitive and relevant, companies of all sizes have already had to go through major digital transformations; to look at team structures, digitise processes, become omnichannel, and much more. Now, another transformation is necessary. Because of the always-on, connected world we live in, and because of the pace and transparency of the digital world we live in, we are all facing a reckoning - we can no longer ignore the reckless way we treat our planet and sometimes each other. This new way of thinking and this challenge is called Ethical Transformation®.

Why is ethical transformation® important?

Unlike digital transformation, which is often seen as disruptive, aggressive, and fast, Ethical Transformation® is more about building - building a better world for the next generation.

Ethical Transformation® takes all the principles and ideologies of digital transformation and applies this to the ethical mandate of change. It makes you ask questions of your business: What people do we need to hire in our company to make this happen? What policies do we need to change? What products do we have or can we create that will meet the challenges of this new world?

Being open and transparent is your competitive advantage.

Work with ChewingRice to discover how to ethically transform your business and play your part in building a world that is safer, fairer, free from poverty, and that replenishes rather than depletes.

Why is ethical transformation® so relevant right now?

Under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, change is being mandated. Ending poverty, hunger, inequality, and much more - we have to change right now for the sake of our planet. 

Yes, Ethical Transformation takes energy, planning, and dedication. But the rewards are  higher profit margins, happier and safer working environments, new ways of working that allow for more balance in our lives, and a protected environment that the next generations can enjoy.

We are living in the age of necessity - we don’t have the luxury of choice about whether we change or not. This is our opportunity to think creatively about what the future could look like based on our actions today. It is time for organisations and governments to reveal their true strength and ingenuity, and to leave behind outdated politics, hierarchies, and gloss ethics. How can an organisation ethically transform?

How can an organisation ethically transform?

There are three key steps to Ethical Transformation®:

Step one - The review
Creating a practical and functional view of your organisation will allow you to find those opportunities where there is room to innovate through design, distribution, reuse, recycling, up-cycling, regeneration, employment and so on. Things that could revolutionise the business.

Step two - Future proofing
By identifying the role your business will play in the challenges our world is facing - your global societal role, you will find your sweet spot of profit and purpose. 

Step three - Become the change
Steps one and two only become possible when we truly shift our view of the world and our role within it. We have to become, not just talk about the change we want to see.

Get in touch [link to contact page] to start your journey with ChewingRice - the only agency focusing on Ethical Transformation® .And the final step, STEP THREE - Become the change! None of these elements are possible unless we and our organisations become the change we want to see. Unless we shift our view of the world and our role within it.