The Challenge

To provide strategic guidance on how to develop Vigit. Vigit is a ‘credit scoring’ system for social media. It’s a tool that can gauge and validate your overall social media ranking and what this means from a monetary value both for influencers and for brands wanting to understand the social credibility and ranking of potential collaborators or employees. The purpose of the strategy was to help organise the product purpose and usability.

What we delivered

Step 1: We conducted a half-day remote strategic workshop to better understand the product and the challenges involved.

Step 2: ChewingRice prepared a 60-page strategic report advising on practical changes needed. This included strategic models that demonstrated how to monetise the product, along with examples and various approaches, ranging from gamification to creating brand stickiness.


Vigid Said:

“Lisa Armstrong and her firm, ChewingRice, were introduced to me by a mutual colleague. Lisa was touted as a particularly astute person. Lisa managed to exceed that description, as came out in the strategy that she prepared for us.
Working with Lisa was easy – she made communication easy, she was prompt, responsive, and – most importantly – insightful.
Lisa’s strategy provides us with a roadmap we refer to often. She clarified issues targeting who should be our core users, how to reach them, how to retain them, how they could benefit from our product, and how they could use our technology versus others. Should the opportunity arise, I would work with Lisa and ChewingRice again without hesitation.”

Victor Ney, Founder, Vigit