About the project

Swedfund (the Swedish government’s development fund), like CR, believes that businesses can have a positive influence on the societies they operate in. We work with Swedfund on Women4Growth, a gender-focused training program designed to create meaningful and lasting change within their portfolio companies, such as Equity Bank, AAR, the Radisson Blu to name a few.

What we deliver


The first step we take with these companies is focused on unlocking the existing female potential at the client company. We guide female staff in these organisations through interactive workshops to reflect on their career growth and empower them to propose solutions for female inclusion within the organisation. The outcomes from which can create a positive ripple effect, not only for the women at the organisation but often for all employees. We have also designed a workshop series that focuses on company products, this guides members of the organisation in reimagining their approach to product development through a gender lens

W4G Platfrom Preview

Tools & Resources

Alongside the workshops, our team maintains an Intranet platform to further the learning of employees through long and short-form editorial content and tools for users to continue their gender work after the sessions. 


“This is the best example of online tools for interactive exercises I’ve ever seen”
“This is growth for teams with a gender lens”
“Just imagine, without the Women4Growth program, management would never have been able to hear this [idea], ever” 
“I got to learn about my talent and strength as a woman, and how to work on everything that I felt held me back. I learned that I am qualified to speak my mind, to drive change and create Business – I learned that I am capable of being a leader!”


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