The Challenge

EasyFX was a brand with an inconsistent message, an unclear product offering, and a disorganised and unmanaged digital presence. The brand sat under the VFX Financial PLC group of subsidiary companies but there was a confusing overlap between them; the EasyFX currency card, for example, was branded as VFX. Sitting within a crowded marketplace, with disruptors such as Revolut and Transferwise along with traditional FX players like bureau de change booths and forex bank tellers, EasyFX needed a digital offering that would hold its competitive ground without isolating its existing customers.


What We Delivered

To begin the project, we delivered business consulting and strategy workshops to nail down EasyFX’s requirements and carve out a suitable strategy for the road ahead. Next, we redesigned the brand identity and the brand collateral, creating a new logo, brand colours and assets to match EasyFX’s new direction. The EasyFX website was redesigned and rebuilt with a fresh, modern design, website architecture and user experience.  Extensive keyword research was performed and an SEO strategy was put in place.  Next, we delivered digital marketing communications, including marketing emails, and a new, more-inclusive, travel-related content strategy. We developed a new tone of voice for the brand that would create a warmer, more human feel and a more user-friendly direction. We also reshaped EasyFX’s social media approach and transformed how the brand was perceived on social media.


The Results

The results were superb:

10K Visits to the website in one month (double the previous traffic numbers)

40% increase in registrations

1000% increase in social media engagement

6 pieces of national press and 14 pieces of coverage 


“ChewingRice helped us to relaunch our brand and transform how it was perceived by our target market. With their expertise in business strategy, design, social media, creative copy and digital campaign management we were able to transition from a more conservative brand to one that is vibrant, modern and instantly recognisable to consumers in the travel niche.” Nick England, CEO, EasyFX