Adspur Instagram Campaign

The Challenge

Adspur is the leading creative industry awards calendar. We were challenged to find a unique way to bring Adspur to Instagram. The client wanted their product to be visually and creatively represented on social media in a way that would effortlessly promote and explain what Adspur does, whilst developing relationships with key players in creative industry awards and supporting creatives native to the platform. 

What we delivered

We created an Adspur creative calendar that was specifically designed for an audience of creative industry professionals on Instagram. The process for the calendar is simple: for each date on the calendar we post an image displaying the date, followed by event tiles that show the key award show deadlines, winners and events for the day. 

Through colour-coding that ties back to the adspur branding for the event tiles, coupled with daily artwork, we developed an easy, visually beautiful way to keep up with news of creative awards on a channel that many creatives use several times a day.

The diverse group of freelance artists we collaborate with on this project are essential to the online community we have created and we are committed to supporting talented individuals whose work is often undervalued. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we were proud to work with Adspur in creating a social media campaign that supported freelance artists experiencing unprecedented financial insecurity while also reinforcing public health messaging. Through a series of mini-competitions on the Instagram page we invited artists to create designs on the themes: #StayHome and #HealthcareHeroes. 


“Working with ChewingRice enabled us to take our idea from its infancy stage and grow it far beyond what we could have envisaged. We worked closely with all aspects of their team throughout, ensuring that the innovative strategy they were implementing met and exceeded our goals throughout the project.”

Colin Avery, Co-Founder/CEO, Adspur