About Us
"No person, no human should feel the pain and humiliation that someone feels when denied or rejected from a full life because of the colour of their skin, their gender, their ethnicity, their religion, or their location."
Lisa Armstrong
ChewingRice Founder

ChewingRice is founded on the team’s collective experiences that have shown ethical and sustainable business growth through innovation to be the best way to build successful organisations while empowering societies to end poverty, care for our earth, and creating a future for our people and planet.

Flung far and wide, the ChewingRice team members are woven together into the fabric of the brand, enabling the collective to guide and power organisations through ethical transformations®.

We are not interested in outdated hierarchies or needless bureaucracy. Our people push the boundaries of technology and creativity to deliver results that fuse profit and purpose together; to guide individuals, organisations, governments, societies and countries towards a more ethical, equal, diverse, sustainable, and profitable future for all.

Deep down, everybody knows to speak up when a workplace tolerates bias, racism, inequality, greenwashing, or any other ethical challenge, but not many are empowered, confident or supported to do that without fear of retribution. Add to that the difficulty of creating an equal workplace in an unequal society and it’s clear why organisations look for help. When the right people come together and tackle endemic problems as a collective, a workplace, and then as a society, true transformation happens.

"My mission in life is to create paradigm shifts. Just because something was done one way yesterday does not mean we have to do it the same way today."

ChewingRice is a collective of highly motivated and passionate people - observers of human behaviour, and they have seen first-hand that change can come from anywhere and anyone when the environment is right. They have seen that necessity and great hardships can shape opportunities that were not there before.

We work with innovators from across the world who have overcome so much; thinkers that leapfrog conventional wisdom to carve their own path to stability.

Recognising that revolutionising the clock-in/clock-out industrialised framework around productivity we designed a flexible work structure and introduced a four-day week to reflect the fact that optimal performance times vary for people through the day.

The result of this structure speaks for itself - the focus on care and wellbeing of the team has created a space that is creative and productive with a passion for work that drives us to do the best for our clients. This relinquishing of formal structures also allows ChewingRice to hire based on someone’s capabilities, not location. Dakar, Nairobi, London, Barcelona; it doesn’t matter to us and it doesn’t matter to the team. Flatter hierarchical systems and flatter remuneration is designed to more evenly distribute responsibility and wealth now and establish it as the norm for the next generation.

“This is the new world that we are building”